August 24th – On This Day in History

79: Mount Vesuvius erupts after idiotic children pour large amounts of vinegar and baking soda into the hole on top.

1256: Roger Bacon, a Franciscan friar, invents the bacon sandwich.

1522: A set of blueprints found in Leonardo da Vinci’s old home appears to show a possible design for the PlayStation 6.

1812: William Hill becomes the first man to win ten games of Russian Roulette. It’s later discovered he cheated every time. His actions were honoured by a chain of gambling shops.

1846: Charlotte Bronte sends a publisher the manuscript for “Jane Eyre” under the pseudonym J. R. Hartley.

1968: France becomes the fifth global thermonuclear power. The impending threat of nuclear war instantly causes France to surrender to itself.

2006: Pluto relegated from a planet to a dwarf planet. The loss of funds causes Pluto to sell off most of its best features to nearby Neptune.

2017: Burnley builds its first-ever indoor toilet.

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