Five great ways to save money on petrol

With petrol prices skyrocketing and only set to go higher, many people are struggling to afford the cost of filling up their tanks at the petrol station.

If you’re in the same boat, get out of that boat. Boats also use a lot of expensive fuel. Instead, read on to discover five incredibly realistic ways that you can save money on petrol before the world collapses entirely.

Cut your petrol with Bacardi

Bacardi tastes almost exactly like petrol, so it’s very unlikely your car will be able to tell the difference unless it has an incredibly refined pallet.

Take public transport

The cost of public transport is slightly less than running a car – and you get to meet a wealth of interesting people!

One word of warning though: Remember to bring a clothes peg to clip your nose shut as many of these people also have a challenging smell about them.

Cut the floor out of your car and use pedal power

If you want to save big, you can always cut the floor out of your car and use your feet to power your vehicle. Not only will you not have to buy any petrol but you also won’t need that expensive gym membership anymore.

Steal petrol

You can steal petrol directly from petrol stations or siphon it out of your neighbours’ vehicles under the cover of darkness. You’ll be surprised at how often you can get away with this before getting caught and set on fire.

Ask your rich parents to buy you an electric vehicle

If you’ve been smart enough to be born to rich parents, simply ask them to buy you an electric vehicle for your birthday. They can buy you a Vauxhall Corsa-e for just £25,000 or a good electric car for about £40,000.

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