God admits regret over not resting on the sixth day

God has today admitted that he regrets not resting on the sixth day and avoiding the biggest mistake of His creative career.

After creating light, the Heavens, the Earth, birds and sea creatures, God spent the sixth-day creating mankind – something that He now regrets.

“I was burnt out after everything I’d created during the previous five days. I should have taken the whole weekend to rest instead of just the seventh day.

“The exhaustion resulted in some really sloppy work on my part in creating man. The mind needed a lot more work and the knees weren’t a great design either.

“I’m considering launching a mankind 2.0 to correct my mistakes. I’ll need to take the original model off the market first though,” God told us.

Luckily, for God, the original model is expected to take itself off the market in the next fifty years or so.

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