James Corden slams Grand National over lack of fat jockeys

Hollywood heavyweight James Corden today slammed the Grand National over its complete lack of fat or chubby jockeys.

The Grand National horse race takes place today with forty jockeys riding horses over a four-mile course.

But actor and chat show host James Corden is boycotting the event over the lack of fat jockeys.

‘All the jockeys weigh about 100lbs and that’s very difficult for a man of my size to take. I’d have no chance of winning the Grand National and it doesn’t seem fair,’ complained Corden.

However, horse lovers have hit back at Corden’s complaint. They believe that it would be animal cruelty for any horse to be sat on by James Corden.

‘I doubt James could even get on a horse. Its legs would collapse and then we’d have to shoot it. James I mean, not the horse,’ said horse owner Barnabas Alcove.