July 27th – On This Day in History

88: Bingo invented by John Bingo.

1224: God moves on to a new project.

1586: Sir Walter Raleigh invents the pedal bike.

1587: Sir Wacky Raleigh, Sir Walter’s brother, brings back marijuana from his voyage to Jamaica. Marijuana is renamed “wacky tobaccy” in his honour.

1943: Joseph Stalin, premier of the Soviet Union, issues Order No 228. The order nets him a delicious serving of shrimp pan-fried noodles from his local Chinese.

1945: The release of comedy movie “Dude, Where’s My Fuhrer!?” is a critical and commercial flop in Germany.

1974: The U.S. House of Representatives vote to impeach President Richard Nixon after he watered a gate that didn’t belong to him.

2012: Queen Elizabeth II opens the London Olympic Games. She confesses that she might only have ten Olympics left in her.

2016: Music historian uncovers previously unheard work from Lou Bega, Mambos number 1-4.

2017: Catwoman dies from massive catnip overdose.

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