‘Just nine more sleeps until we can sell off the NHS,’ laughs Boris

The anticipation is building in the Conservative Party as they believe they’re only nine sleeps away from being able to sell off the NHS.

Christmas could be coming early for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party with the UK general election just eight days away.

That leaves just nine more sleeps until they can begin to finally make some serious money by selling off the NHS.

‘We’ve been doing it small piece-by-piece for awhile. Once we get this election in the bag, we’ll be able to sell it all off to the US in one big chunk. We’re all going to get seriously rich off this one,’ laughed Boris to his mates.

Brits will soon be forced to pay for medical insurance that won’t even cover everything. But it’ll be a small price to pay to get Brexit done.

‘Brexit is the number one priority,’ said one voter who’ll be the first to die in medical debt.