Local woman far too considerate to buy petrol she actually needs

A local woman is far too considerate and thoughtful to go and buy petrol that she actually needs in light of the fuel crisis, it’s emerged.

The vehicle of Emi Horton, 27, is almost running on fumes; however, she refuses to fill up her tank in the middle of a petrol crisis.

“I’m sure that other people need petrol far more than I do,” Emi, a nurse, told us. “I can always just walk to work; it’s only an hour of a walk.

“I’d hate to be the person who drains the last of the petrol and prevents someone really important like a politician, investment banker or boy racer from doing their job.”

The government claims that there are signs that the petrol crisis is stabilising. It is also employing 150 military personnel to deliver fuel across Britain.

“I guess that means I can’t use my boyfriend for a while either, he’s in the army,” said Emi, a candidate for the world’s most considerate woman.

It would appear that Emi’s boyfriend may have to work the pump himself during the crisis.

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