Nobody told me it was against the rules, insists Andrew

A visibly upset Prince Andrew told a reporter that nobody informed him that being best friends with the leader of a paedophile ring and sexually assaulting young girls was wrong.

“I thought it was just a work event,” Andrew said. “Most members of my family knew what I was doing but nobody ever said what I was doing was wrong.

“Some of them looked a little weirded out, I grant you. But nobody ever told me to stop hanging out with Jeffrey or assaulting girls. I thought it was just the done thing.

“My memory is going into the girl for a couple of minutes, which I implicitly believed to be a work event, then going out to talk to Jeffrey and Ghislaine. I was just a businessman, doing business.

“If this is anyone’s fault, it’s Meghan Markle’s. She must have known what I was up to but she never said a thing to me. If she told me to stop, I would have. She really dropped the ball on this one.”

Andrew’s comments come just days after he was stripped of his royal titles, leaving him with only the Duke of Nonce as an official title.

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