September 30th – On This Day in History

64: The invention of the first Nintendo games console.

1066: Britain and France enter an agreement to hate each other for the rest of time.

1568: King Eric XIV of Sweden is deposed after showing signs of madness. It’s believed he suggested watching a movie at 11 pm on a school night. This was doubly mad as movies had yet to be invented.

1744: The Battle of Madonna begins. Rival fans of the pop music singer wage war over which song is her greatest hit.

1791: Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” is performed for the first time in Vienna. It was a huge success although some say it was overshadowed by Salieri’s satirical jab “The Magic Toot”.

1955: American actor James Dean dies at 23. He is most famous for his signature cocktail, the Red Bull without a Coors.

1972: Marvel publishes a controversial edition of the Spider-Man comic. Millions of spiders protest and boycott the comic until Stan Lee apologised for any offence caused.

1980: The birth of celebrated cocaine user Martina Hingis. The street-cred she built up from taking cocaine was marred when it was later discovered that she played tennis.

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