Ford announces the release of the Ford Unfocus

Ford today announced the future release of the Ford Unfocus, a sister vehicle to its popular compact car the Ford Focus.

The Ford Unfocus (also to be known as the FU) features an incredibly soft suspension that makes the car bounce and wobble in such a way as to create an unfocused effect.

Besides the soft suspension, the FU has loads of other twiddly bollocks that no one understands or cares about apart from James May.

“The Ford Unfocus is a groundbreaking piece of technology in so much that it can literally break the ground beneath it because of the way it vibrates.

“It drives like a nightmare but looks like a dream – or at least we think it looks like a dream, we can’t really see,” said one review of the FU.

The Ford Unfocus will be available to purchase next month and will cost far more than anyone will want to pay.

Notice: This article has been sponsored by every car manufacturer APART from Ford.