Woman carefully places glass of water to spill all over bedside table at 3am

A woman about to go to sleep has carefully placed a glass of water on her bedside table so she can spill it everywhere in the early hours of the morning.

With temperatures and humidity insufferably high, hydration is a must. And so, apparently, is keeping bedside furniture moist.

That is why Leanne Carmichael, 28, is preparing herself with a nice cool glass of water on her bedside table, right next to her phone.

‘When I wake up all dehydrated I’ll either get a glass of water to drink or a soggy night-stand and water-damaged phone. I think the risk is worth it,’ Leanne told us.

Leanne is just one of many people who play this high-risk, low reward game each evening.

‘I’m on my third new phone this month but it’s worth it to have a glass of water that’s become warm and kind of gross next to me,’ said Leanne.