Breakfast beer just part of my working day, explains man

A man drinking a beer at breakfast has explained that everything is above board and that this is simply part of his working day.

Jon Bonson, 41, claims that he has always started his day with a beer and that he doesn’t understand why such a big issue is being made of it now.

“It’s always been part of my morning routine. I wake up, go to the fridge and start the day with a beer while I read my emails. I don’t understand why some of my underlings are suddenly kicking up such a stink about it,” said Bonson.

Bonson, who owns his own company and has instituted a policy stating that none of his employees can ever drink alcohol, is facing serious criticism after being spotted drinking beer during a Zoom meeting.

“I’ve been gasping for a beer for years but I followed the rules. I always said he was trying his best, until now. Now I’m starting to think he’s just a massive bullshitter who doesn’t give a toss about anyone except for himself,” an unnamed employee told us.

But Bonson is unperturbed by the whole thing. He believes the outrage will all blow over by this time next week.

“Once they spot the irregularities in the pension fund, the beer-drinking will be the last thing on their minds,”
he said.

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