Netflix changes “Are you still watching?” message to “Please, keep watching!”

Netflix has changed its famous “Are you still watching?” message to “Please, keep watching!” after it lost subscribers in the last financial quarter.

The normally judgmental Netflix has suddenly become a lot more needy after it had 35% of its share value wiped out in a matter of days following a report that it lost subscribers for the first time in the company’s history.

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that its typical message of “Are you still watching?” has been switched to “Please, keep watching!” after they watch a few episode of a show.

“I appreciate that Netflix isn’t being as judgy as they used to be but this is coming across as a bit desperate. It’s kind of a turn-off,”
said one Netflix subscriber.

While another Netflix viewer told us, “In the time I saw the message, Netflix had already cancelled the show I was watching; so I had no new episodes to keep watching anyway!”

Netflix also plans a fresh round of show cancellations, a price hike and an end to password sharing to bolster its subscriber figures.

“It’s tough being a CEO,. You have no idea how long it takes to come up with these great ideas,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO.

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