Parents hope son grows into his name, Grandpa Kenny

A pair of new parents are hoping that their son grows into his name after they decided to call him Grandpa Kenny.

River and Justice Wheeler decided to go a more traditional route when it came to naming their firstborn child.

“We both have quite unusual first names that haven’t worked well for us throughout our life. People don’t tend to take us very seriously, especially as a couple. I guess that’s what happens when you sound like you’re either an aquatic crime-fighting duo or a tribute act for a Scottish folk band,” Justice told us.

“That’s why we wanted to go very conservative and traditional with our child. To do that, we looked a couple of generations back. Coincidentally, we both had a Grandpa Kenny. That was clearly a very traditional name back then and that’s exactly what we wanted,” said River.

Grandpa Kenny was born just last month and weighed in at 7lbs 3ozs, a good size for a human baby and very impressive for a perch fish.

While Grandpa Kenny might be an unusual name for a baby, River and Justice hope that he’ll grow into it.

“It’s a long-term play. It might be strange now but it’ll make a lot more sense in sixty years. I just hope we’re both still around then to see if his grandchildren call him Grandpa Kenny or Grandpa Grandpa Kenny,”
said Justice.

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