Mark Zuckerberg placed on battery backup after power outage

Mark Zuckerberg has been placed on battery backup after Facebook HQ was hit by a power outage earlier today.

The Facebook CEO immediately crashed and had to be removed to a specially prepared recovery room, where he was put on battery backup.

Zuckerberg then had all non-essential functions stopped to preserve his runtime. This resulted in a loss of resolution and graphical performance in his appearance.

“It was a scary couple of hours but we managed to save him. If he’d lost power any longer, his entire memory might have been wiped,”
said one of the recovery team.

The power outage could lead to significant changes in Zuckerberg’s design. Facebook is now considering installing a solar panel on Zuckerberg to prevent any similar ordeals in the future.

“The solar panel will likely go on the forehead. There’s plenty of room for one there,” said one of Zuckerberg’s designers.

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