Snob watching adult film claims the book was better

A snob watching an adult film claims that the movie has missed a lot of key plot points from the novel it was based off.

Lewis Sexton, 37, believes that “Big Brazilian Butts” isn’t a patch on the original book.

“The book was definitive,” he told us. “I wanted to see how they’d turn it into a movie but – and it’s a big but – they’ve completely missed the mark.

“There are so many plot points missing and key pieces of dialogue that have been cut for time. The book was rather complex. Maybe they’d have been better off turning it into a limited series instead.

“It’s a total disappointment. Even giving it a semi would be a generous rating,” Sexton told us.

If Lewis didn’t like “Big Brazilian Butts” it seems unlikely he’d enjoy the eight sequels.

“They made EIGHT of these!? I mean, I’ll watch them but I’ll only have one hand available because the other will be holding my nose.”

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