Wetherspoon reports £154m loss as Brexit benefits begin to become apparent

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon has reported a record loss of £154.7m in what is being considered one of the first benefits of Brexit and COVID to become apparent.

Disgraced Thundercat and CEO of JD Wetherspoon Tim Martin has blamed the record loss, which followed a loss of £34m the previous year, on Brexit and COVID.

“I’ve not been able to hire enough staff because all the foreigners have stopped coming over here and doing our jobs.

“And don’t even get me started about COVID. The bloody lockdowns kept people safe and inside when they should have been endangering themselves for a pint of cheap piss in my pubs!

“No one ever told me that I’d have to reap what I sowed. That wasn’t part of the deal as far as I was aware. Consequences are only supposed to be for poor people,” he complained.

The news of the massive losses for JD Wetherspoon has provided many of the people of Britain with some joy and pleasure, a rarity in these dark times.

“I almost broke out into a smile,” said Mr Dee of West Sussex.

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