Years of anger management therapy undone by seeing James Corden on TV

Four years of anger management therapy has been completely undone by seeing James Corden on TV for several seconds, according to a local man.

Harry Balsac, 28, suffered from anger issues from a young age – most of which he attributes to his ridiculous name. His outbursts caused him to lose friends, ruin relations and make him virtually unemployable.

It was at the age of 24 that Harry decided to give anger management therapy a try.

“I knew I needed to do something. The resentment and anger inside me were bubbling over almost every day and it was ruining my life.

“I started going to therapy to help me manage my anger. Little by little I started feeling less angry and I was able to control my mood swings better,” he told us.

After four years of anger management therapy, Harry was a changed man – a man of calm and inner peace.

But all that changed while he was channel surfing and happened to come across James Corden on TV. Within seconds of seeing Corden, the old familiar fire raged within Harry and he put his foot through his TV.

“Four years of therapy undone in seconds by that talentless prick,” said Harry, shaking his head.

Harry isn’t alone though. Most sane people have at least wanted to put their foot through their TV whenever James Corden’s appeared on it.

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