Zuckerberg scraps metaverse after someone wrote “NERD” on his avatar’s forehead

Mark Zuckerberg has scrapped Facebook’s plans to build a fully functioning metaverse after his avatar was repeatedly written on while it was asleep.

The final straw came this morning after Zuckerberg logged into the metaverse and found the word “NERD” had been written on his forehead.

This comes just days after someone had managed to hack the metaverse server and draw a penis on Zuckerberg’s cheek that pointed towards his mouth.

“It’s left a bad taste in my mouth,” Zuckerberg admitted to the press. “I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that the metaverse is not the way forward for Facebook. That is why we are halting the project, as of today.”

Facebook will now focus on finding the culprit behind the virtual graffiti and doing everything possible to make their life a miserable Hell.

“That’s right. We’ll never let them delete their Facebook account,” cackled Zuckerberg.

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