Tooth Fairy to offer payment in Bitcoin

The Tooth Fairy has announced that she will begin offering payment in Bitcoin to children who have lost baby teeth.

The roll-out of the new payment option will be global and take place in the coming weeks. Children will be asked to download an app where they can fill in their details and how they’d prefer payment.

“I’ve been having more and more children ask if I can pay in Bitcoin, so this was a logical step. Cash will still be an option but it felt like it was time to move my business into the 21st century,” the Tooth Fairy told us.

If children choose Bitcoin as payment for their tooth, they will wake up with a notification on their phone rather than money under their pillow.

“Some would say it’s a little less magical, but that’s the age we’re living in,” said the Tooth Fairy.

The move could see other children’s favourites like Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny follow suit.

“It’d certainly make life easier for my elves,” said Father Christmas.

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