Courtroom regrets hiring abstract artist

A local court has admitted its regret over hiring an abstract artist after all the art produced was deemed ‘unusable’.

Jackson Ballox, 42, was hired to produce art that could be used in court records as well as by local media.

This art typically depicts scenes in the courtroom such as the defendant taking the stand or a lawyer talking to the judge.

However, Jackson’s art was so abstract that nobody could tell what was going on in any of his paintings.

‘There was a delightful use of colours but I couldn’t tell who was who or what was supposed to be happening,’ Judge Bracon told us. ‘Who am I to judge though?’

Jackson was quickly fired but has defended his take on courtroom art.

‘In the abstract we find ourselves and I believe we must always stay true to ourselves. That’s why all my art is a load of old Ballox,’ he said.