Dad to open cold exposure therapy room in house

A local dad is planning to open a cold exposure therapy room out of his house over the winter months, it’s emerged.

Paul Frost, 40, refuses to put the heating on this early into winter; instead, he tells his family to wrap up warm and drink hot drinks.

The freezing conditions of his home make for the perfect cold exposure therapy location.

“I’ve heard that cold exposure therapy is all the rage with athletes and celebrities these days. It’s supposed to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation – which could explain why I’m so healthy,” Paul told us between blowing his nose and coughing up a lung.

The move would seem to make financial sense. Not only would Paul save money by not paying for heating, but people would also pay a significant sum to use his cold exposure therapy room.

“My family all agrees that this is a very sensible move,”
Paul said.

Unfortunately, the Frost family were unable to comment as they couldn’t talk with their teeth chattering so much.

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