Jeremy Corbyn’s polling figures reach record high among squirrels

Jeremy Corbyn’s polling figures have reached a record high among squirrels after the Labour leader pledged to plant two billion trees.

After Jeremy Corbyn revealed that Labour plans to plant two billion trees across Britain during a debate on climate change, squirrels rushed to support the Labour leader.

‘This is the best idea to come out of a human politician for quite some time. If I could vote for him, I definitely would,’ one squirrel told us.

Corbyn is now polling at 87% among squirrels, although there are still some red squirrels that accuse him of being anti-British.

‘He’s happy to let German grey squirrels come over here and claim all the good trees. British trees should be for us British red squirrels,’ said Nutil Squirlage, leader of the Treexit Party.