Friends of Ghislaine Maxwell send care package to her prison cell

Close friends of Ghislaine Maxwell have clubbed together to send her a care package as she begins her long stay in prison.

The care package was shipped overnight and was passed to her by prison guards earlier this morning.

The package is believed to have contained a rope, a book on tying knots and a step stool.

“It’s important to find a hobby that keeps you sane when you’re in prison. You can really lose your head in there, so I’ve been told. We’re hoping she will sit on the stool and while away her evenings tying knots,” said Bill Clinton, one of Maxwell’s closest friends.

Another former president who wished to remain anonymous told us, “She’s in yuge trouble right now, perhaps in even bigglier trouble than I am. Some are saying my trouble is more serious but I don’t know. I wish her well.”

While such gifts typically wouldn’t be allowed in prison, guards have allowed an exception for Ghislaine Maxwell as they’ve all found a tidy sum of cash in their bank accounts.

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