SpaceX rocket crashes into Santa Claus

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has crashed into Santa Claus, leaving Christmas in jeopardy.

The rocket launched during the early hours of Tuesday in the United States of Florida. Poor weather gave SpaceX a small window to launch the Falcon 9 and it was finally cleared for takeoff just after 5 am.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus was performing a test run of his miraculous Christmas Day route over the launch site at the precise time the Falcon 9 blasted off.

The rocket shredded through Santa, his reindeer and sleigh.

“Thankfully, the rocket was okay,” Elon Musk reported.

The incident now leaves Christmas Day in jeopardy as there is no official “back-up” Santa.

Hermes could be given the contract, meaning children could expect their presents to arrive by summer of next year, or not at all.

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