Isolation from family coming as a relief to Queen Elizabeth II

Sources close to Queen Elizabeth II have revealed that the period of self-isolation she’s going through while she suffers from Covid-19 is coming as something of a relief to her.

The self-isolation means that Queen Elizabeth II can avoid her children without coming across as a bad mother.

“I think she’s had it up to the teeth with the lot of them right now. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are in the bad books for obvious reasons, but she really can’t be bothered with Edward or Anne either,” our source told us.

The recommended isolation period after contracting Covid-19 is currently five days; however, due to her advanced age, she has asked doctors to extend the isolation period to five years.

Despite the Covid-19 diagnosis, Queen Elizabeth II will still be working while she self-isolates.

“She needs the money to pay off Prince Andrew’s debts,” said our source.

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