‘It was actually 10,000 underage girls,’ claims dirty old Duke of York

The Duke of York has come forward to correct claims that he had 10,000 men, instead stating that it was 10,000 underage girls he bedded.

Prince Andrew stepped out of the shadows to fire back at allegations that had wounded his public image for years.

‘This idea that one has had 10,000 men is preposterous. 10,000 underage girls would be closer to the truth,’
the Duke of York told us with a smile.

It’s believed that Prince Andrew acquired most of these girls in dealings with his close friend and alleged paedophile/pimp Jeffrey Epstein.

‘When one is a member of the Royal Family, one can do whatever one wants. Look at Prince Harry. He dressed up as an actual Nazi and he’s everyone’s favourite,’ said Prince Andrew.

In light of this new information, the Grand of Duke of York nursery rhyme has now been changed thusly:

Oh, the Dirty Old Duke of York,
He had 10,000 young girls
He bought them all at Epstein’s house
And then he ruined their worlds
And when he was up he was up
And when he was down they went down
And when he couldn’t get it up
He swallowed some blue pills down