Man assaulted in jail says family took Monopoly too far

A man who was assaulted while in jail has lashed out at his family for taking Monopoly way too seriously.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims he was physically assaulted while in jail after a chance card sent him there before he could even pass go.

‘I didn’t even get a chance to pay my way out or roll doubles. I don’t want to see who did what to me though because snitches get stitches,’
he told us.

‘The thing that annoyed me the most is that they weren’t even in jail, they were only visiting.’

He eventually left jail but was unable to get his Monopoly game back on track, losing just five hours later.

While this sounds like an extreme game of Monopoly, it’s not an uncommon occurrence in places like Burnley or Accrington.

Hasbro has declined to comment on the situation.