Elon Musk to add “call them a pedo” button to Twitter

Elon Musk plans to add a “call them a pedo” button to Twitter the moment his purchase of the social media company is finalised.

The new button will allow Twitter users to instantly call anyone who has besmirched them a paedophile.

“My extensive research of running a couple of polls on my Twitter account indicates that Twitter users want two things – one is an edit button and the other is to insult people in as inappropriate a manner as possible.

“That’s why I’m pushing hard for the ‘call them a pedo’ button. It combines the two ideas into one. Users get a new button and they get to use my favourite insult,” said Musk.

Elon Musk estimates that the new button will save him over a hundred hours over the course of his lifetime and hopes that it will be of similar benefit to other Twitter users.

“And, if anyone complains about it, you better believe I’m hitting the ‘call them a pedo’ button before suspending their account,” he said.

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