Mystery ‘killer clown’ attacks Jeremy Corbyn on the streets of Westminster

A man dressed as a ‘killer clown’ assaulted Jeremy Corbyn as he walked through Westminster in the early hours of the morning.

The clown jumped Corbyn from behind, pushed him down and hit him several times with a baseball bat before running off laughing.

An eye witness rushed over to the fallen Labour leader and rang him an ambulance.

‘It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Jeremy was minding his own business when this creepy looking clown ambushed him. He’s lucky the damage wasn’t worse.’

Corbyn is currently receiving care in hospital where his condition is described as ‘stable’.

Meanwhile police are on the hunt for the mystery ‘killer clown’ whom the eye witnesses reported as having ‘Tony Blair’s height, Tony Blair’s build, Tony Blair’s creepy smile and Tony Blair’s stench of bullshit.’

Police have called on the mystery assailant to come forward, promising that the punishment will be lenient.

‘It was only Jeremy Corbyn, after all,’ said the detective.