Office pizza party solves crippling morale problem for full fifteen minutes

An office has solved a crippling morale problem for a full fifteen minutes thanks to an impromptu pizza party.

With staff feeling over-worked and under-paid, upper-management swooped in quick to make the workforce feel appreciated.

‘We thought long and hard about what we could do to make our staff enjoy their work here more. We could have employed more people, reducing everyone’s workload. We could have given everyone a pay rise to show how much appreciate their hard work.

‘Those options are expensive in the long-term though, so a pizza party was what we came up with,’ said Mike Davis, the creative mind behind the pizza party.

Staff were buzzing with excitement when they were told pizza was on its way, a buzz that kept the office from complete revolt for fifteen minutes.

Once the pizza arrived, the mood quickly swung back the other way as only four pizzas were purchased and two of those had anchovies on.

‘Anchovies? FUCKING ANCHOVIES!?’ roared Michael from accounts.

The scene quickly devolved into an all-out war with pizza, blood and faeces found splattered against the office walls.

Police are currently searching for survivors.