Prince Andrew applies for regal aid

Prince Andrew has applied for regal aid to help cover the costs of his legal battle against allegations of sexual assault.

The Duke of York hasn’t had 10,000 men but he may have had several young women, some possible underage, against their will.

However, Prince Andrew claims to be rather light in the wallet right now, which is why he’s had to apply for regal aid.

Regal aid is a program set up by Queen Elizabeth II to pay for the legal costs of any of her dimwit children. It also covers silencing key witnesses and killing off undesirables.

Queen Elizabeth II has defended the decision to pay the legal fees of her favourite son.

“He’s a good lad. He spends most of his time watching Nickelodeon and Disney. He loves those two channels for some reason. This must all be one big mistake,” she said.

While the actual big mistake told us: “How was I supposed to know I might face consequences for my actions? That goes against thousands of years of royal tradition.”

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