Tony Blair accuses Jeremy Corbyn of producing CHEMICAL WEAPONS at allotment

Former PM Tony Blair has sensationally accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of producing deadly chemical weapons at his London allotment.

Corbyn has been spotted working feverishly in his allotment recently, with large plumes of smoke wafting out of his workspace.

And it is these plumes that have Blair concerned: ‘There are no two ways about it, Jeremy Corbyn is producing chemical weapons to use against his enemies. We must invade his allotment NOW and stop him before he goes to far.’

Tony Blair is also convinced that Corbyn – a lifelong pacifist – is squirelling away WMDs in a shed hidden within his ‘terrorist allotment plot’.

‘I mean, they’ve got to be somewhere, right?’ said Blair.

Blair is now lobbying the UN to begin punitive actions against Jeremy Corbyn.

Thankfully, no-one really listens to him any more.