4-year-old disappears after using his mother’s 5-year anti-ageing cream

A 4-year-old boy has disappeared entirely after he used a tub of his mother’s 5-year anti-ageing cream, according to reports.

It’s believed that the curious boy, Jaylo Moody, saw an open tub of the anti-ageing cream on his mother’s dresser and applied some to himself, causing his disappearance.

‘There was suddenly an eerie quietness about the house, so I knew something was wrong,’ his mother told us.

The mother quickly rushed upstairs, after finishing her cup of coffee, to find no trace of the boy. All she found was her tub of anti-ageing almost gone.

‘He must have scooped up a handful and rubbed it all over himself. It’s supposed to make you look five years younger. He was only four…’ she mourned.

The company that produces the facial cream has apologised to the mother and promised to put a warning label that reads ‘CAUTION! THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!’ on all future packaging.