Pathetic! So-called ‘intelligent’ dolphin can’t even walk or speak English

A so-called ‘intelligent’ dolphin has drawn the ire of a group of humans who’ve discovered that it can’t even walk or speak English.

Dolphins have long been regarding as one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, but a group of tourists don’t believe the hype.

‘We just swam with one and it couldn’t walk or speak English. I don’t know what language it was speaking, it was just a bunch of clicks, probably African or something,’ said Tommy Gammon.

‘Fair play to it, it could swim like Adam Peaty but it couldn’t do fuck all else. I could walk and talk by the time I was 8. This dolphin was supposed to be 20. I doubt it could even do basic arithmetic,’ Karen Sharpe told us.

Tommy and Karen were just two members out of eight British tourists who were disappointed by the intelligence of the creature.

We attempted to talk to the dolphin to get his point of view on the interaction but he indeed couldn’t speak English.

Pathetic! Pull your socks up, dolphin!