Brexit prepper’s food stash already out of date

A man who built up a large supply of food in case of post-Brexit shortages has discovered that most of his stash is already out of date.

Bill Porker, 54, began filling his basement with food the moment that the UK voted to leave the EU.

Sadly, for Bill, the process has taken so long that most of the food is already out of date.

‘I spent over £1,000 on dried, tinned and pickled food. I’d kind of forgotten about it until I went down to check on it today. I looked at the labels and most of the stuff should have been used months ago,’ Bill told us.

Mr Porker, who’s married to a policewoman, says that politicians need to get on with Brexit so that he can stock up without the worry of spoilage.

‘Boris Johnson has a lot to answer for. Is he going to help my wife and I eat twenty jars of rancid pickles? I doubt it,’ said Bill.

Johnson has declined the invitation to eat Bill’s pickle although he has said Mrs Porker is welcome to sample his.