Billionaires demand to be referred to by more formal name of ‘williamaire’

Billionaires have teamed up to demand that commoners refer to them by the more formal version of their name, williamaire.

The mega-wealthy believe that the term ‘billionaire’ is far too informal to be used to refer to them by people clearly beneath them.

‘We can call each other billionaires. That’s fine. I’ll often say to Warren Buffet, “What’s up, my billionaire?” That doesn’t mean it’s okay for other people to use.

‘For the likes of you, you can call us williamaires,’ said Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Gates is joined by the likes of Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Rupert Murdoch demanding that some respect be put on their names.

‘We have it hard enough without people being mean to us,’ said Bezos, drying his tears with hundred dollar bills.