Dominic Cummings threatens to deselect Boris Johnson

A furious Dominic Cummings has threatened to deselect Prime Minister Boris Johnson if he’s unable to push through a no-deal Brexit.

The bulbous head of the Vote Leave campaign has told Johnson, in no uncertain terms, he’s at risk of being deselected if he doesn’t push through a no-deal Brexit.

‘Cummings made Johnson and now he’s threatening to break him. Boris could find his days in 10 Downing Street numbered,’ said one political pundit.

Cummings, who has been given total control over both the Conservative Party and Britain, could deselect Johnson from his role as an MP and the PM.

He would then be free to select another posh, power-hungry moron to take a stab at Brexit.

‘And there’s no shortage of those,’ laughed Cummings.