January 5th – On This Day in History

1688: Man invents the jacuzzi after eating a bean stew and taking a bath.

1883: Samuel Morse solves his first murder.

1914: Henry Ford shocks the world as he announces he will pay his employees a minimum wage of $5 a day. The sum remains the U.S. minimum wage to this day.

1933: Adolf Hitler gives his first “TED Talk” discussing how he bounced back from academic failure at art school.

1952: Prime Minister Winston Churchill punches a seagull on the beach. His finest hour.

1973: Bruce Springsteen releases his debut album “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.”. The proposed follow-up “Help! I’ve Just Been Stabbed in Asbury Park” is ditched in favour of a different title.

1998: The last day it would have been possible for humans to actually do something about climate change before it was too late.

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