People should work after getting bitten by a zombie until they begin to crave brains

Governments are advising everyone who has been bitten by a zombie to continue going into work until they begin to feel the unmistakable cravings for human brains.

The advice comes after a man-made virus escaped from a laboratory in Raccoon City, USA. The virus, which is being dubbed the T-virus, has spread rapidly throughout the world.

Symptoms include necrosis, loss of motor function, delusions and hallucinations, poor speech, and the taste for human flesh and brains. Untreated, the virus leads to undeath.

As serious as the zombie virus is, governments worldwide are still encouraging people to work if they’ve been bitten.

“We want people to take this virus very seriously but ultimately the economy is more important,” said one government spokesperson.

People are being advised to wear anti-bite armour and, if they do get bitten, to still go into work no matter how many other people they have working around them.

“You can work until the moment you begin to feel the cravings for brains. At that point, it’s best to work from home if possible,” said the spokesperson.

Despite the advice, many people infected with the zombie virus are still heading in to work anyway.

“It gets me out of the home and, to be honest, I don’t think there are any brains around here anyway,” said one civil servant.

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