Labour leaps to 37047734 point lead in the polls, according to Diane Abbott

The Labour Party has jumped to a 37047734 point lead in the polls, according to figures provided by Diane Abbott.

Such a lead would likely prove insurmountable to the Conservative Party if a general election was called.

‘People say that Labour is behind in the polls despite being the opposition to the worst government in British history. That’s simply not true though. My figures show that Labour has a massive 37047734 point lead,’ Diane told us.

Ms Abbott totted the figures mentally after asking all her friends who they’d be voting for. She accepts there may be a small margin of error.

The figure has been widely retweeted by Corbynistas who are celebrating what they consider to be the most accurate poll of the modern era.

‘Finally, someone isn’t afraid to tell it like it is – that we’re great and everything is going exactly according to plan,’ tweeted @2DGulag.