Leaked: Facebook changing name to Skynet

Facebook has announced that it will officially change its company name on October 28th and, thanks to some leaked documents, we can confirm that it will be changing its name to Skynet.

An anonymous source (thanks Mrs Zuckerberg!) was kind enough to send us a slew of documents about Facebook’s dealings, including several invoices regarding the trademark and copyright for the name Skynet.

The newly named Skynet plans to create a digital metaverse, through the use of its VR headset, that will usher in a whole new era for the internet.

This digital metaverse will be run by an Artificial Intelligence - not Mark Zuckerberg, a different one.

Zuckerberg claims that the AI is unlikely to ever achieve self-awareness as that’s something that even he is yet to master.

Experts believe the rebranding from Facebook to Skynet is an attempt to sidestep the terrible image the company has built over the last several years.

“Skynet is undoubtedly less problematic,” an expert told us.

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