Cabbages distance themselves from Steve Bruce

Cabbages have quickly moved to distance themselves from former Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce after he referenced being referred to as an “inept cabbage-head”.

With new owners in charge, Newcastle United decided it wanted a fresh start and that meant the dismissal of Steve Bruce.

Bruce has bemoaned his spell in charge of the club, saying that he never felt wanted and that fans often referred to him as a “tactically inept cabbage-head”; however, cabbages aren’t happy about the comparison.

As Juan Cabbage told us: “It’s unfair on cabbages to be compared to Steve Bruce. We cabbages are keen football fans and we’d never stick with the 4-4-2 formation in 2021. Football has moved on.

“Teams need to be much more fluid these days. We prefer the 4-2-3-1 that allows formation shifts dictated by the flow of the game. It might be a little defensive but a clean sheet never hurt a team.

“And, anyway, Steve Bruce looks more like a cauliflower than a cabbage. His face is all lumpy. Us cabbages are relatively smooth.”

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