Man follows through and stains his undies with replica of the Tory manifesto

A man with a dodgy stomach has followed through and stained his underwear with what is being called a perfect replica of the Conservative Party manifesto.

Lewis Adams, 28, had been suffering from an upset stomach after eating his weight in peanut butter on toast, a personal favourite.

He attempted to gain some relief from the pain in his gut by passing gas, only to quickly realise he’d passed more than he bargained for.

‘The wet splatter hit my underwear almost as quickly as the embarrassment hit my face,’ he told us.

Lewis rushed to the bathroom to assess the damage and was amazed by what he saw.

‘The brown stain was a spot-on reproduction of the Conservative Party manifesto; it was difficult to look at, absolutely stank and full of nuts.’

The Conservative Party is said to be furious over the leak as it wasn’t supposed to be released yet.