Premier League teams up with the Blind Society to provide new referees

The English Premier League has announced it will team up with the Blind Society charity to provide new referees in the future.

The Blind Society (known as BS) will provide a stream of candidates to the Premier League with the intent to improve the standard of refereeing in English football.

‘Refereeing standards have been a problem in the Premier League for many years. This move will allow us to pump some fresh, capable blood into the refereeing pool. We’re sure fans will notice a vast improvement,’
said Chief Executive David Pemmel.

While the blind referees might not be able to see the action, they will be able to use their other senses to judge what’s happening on the pitch.

‘If they can just display some fucking common sense they’ll be one step ahead of the current batch,’ said one angry fan.

The move will mark the end of the Premier League’s relationship with the English Wankers’ Society, which is where they currently get their referees from.