Millennials prepare for terrifying evening of people knocking at their doors

Millennials are beginning to mentally prepare for a terrifying evening of having people they don’t know knocking at their doors.

The annual event, known as “trick or treating”, is particularly scary for Millennials – a generation so anxious that any social situation is seen as a horrifying prospect.

Many millennials have booked the week off from their low-paying jobs to mentally prepare themselves for the evening ahead.

“I’m not going to be able to afford to eat this week, with being on a zero-hours contract and having to buy treats for the children, but at least I’ll be mentally ready to face the onslaught of knockers,” said a factory worker by the name of Wobbly McBloggs.

Some Millennials don’t even plan to answer the door. Instead they will turn all their lights off and simply pretend they’re not home.

“On the plus side, it’ll save me some money on my electric bill,” Kylie O’Riley, who plans to hide in her home all night.

Young trick or treaters are being asked to knock on doors as gently as possible to avoid spooking the Millennials and to treat them with care.

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