Tragedy as hundreds found dead in local cemetery

A tragedy has been declared after hundreds of people were found dead in a local cemetery, causing outrage in the community.

An unfortunate incident with a digger led to the discovery of hundreds of dead bodies in the local cemetery. No injuries have been reported.

‘We don’t know yet what went on here, but something is clearly not right. The body count is in the hundreds and could even reach the thousands.

‘Whoever did this has been killing people for hundreds of years and marking the exact dates each victim was born and died. We’re dealing with a very sick person or possibly even a deranged group of individuals,’ Detective Stuart Pidd told us.

There have been rumours of disturbing rituals taking place in the cemetery in which dead bodies are lowered into the ground while people wear dark clothing and groan in dismay.

People are being advised to steer clear of the cemetery until the mystery is solved.