‘Sometimes you need to ignore parliamentary sovereignty to re-establish it,’ claims Brexiteer

Sometimes you need to completely ignore parliamentary sovereignty before you can re-establish it, according to one Brexiteer.

Bob Cootie, 82, believes PM Boris Johnson made the right move in suspending parliament to help push through a no-deal Brexit.

‘Brexit was never about avoiding the closure of tax loopholes or simple-minded bigotry. It was always about parliamentary sovereignty.

‘But our parliament wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, so Boris was 100% correct to shut it down.

‘To bring back our parliamentary sovereignty, we first have to ignore it. I’m okay with that and anyone who isn’t is an undemocratic nincompoop,’ Bob confirmed.

Mr Cootie went on to confirm that he’d back Brexit until his dying die. That’s likely to be this winter after his pension is cut due to an economic downturn caused by Brexit.